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Experience the extraordinary with every bite! Discover the ultimate in freeze-dried snacks with Astro Foods!

Explore satisfying snacks with astro foods

Our Galaxy of Flavours

Dive into a universe of taste with Astro Foods! Our snacks are crafted to delight your palate and elevate your snacking experience. From crunchy cosmic crisps to luscious lunar bites, each product is a fusion of quality ingredients and innovative flavours. Whether you’re fuelling up for an interstellar adventure or simply seeking a tasty treat, Astro Foods promises satisfaction in every bite. 

Galactic Presence, Local Roots

Discover Tasty Treats with Astro Foods in your local galaxy.

Astro Foods’ celestial selections are now available at the “Makers” stores across Kits, North Van, Gastown, Richmond Centre, Park Royal, and Guildford Mall. Join us in the local revolution and experience the galaxy of flavours at your nearest location.

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our snacks that last light-years beyond the ordinary.

Not just light and convenient, our freeze-dried foods pack a nutritious punch and keep their heavenly taste for decades. Whether you’re scaling mountains or reaching for the stars, our snacks are the perfect companions for every adventure.

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Galactic Giving

Your Fundraising Journey Starts Here.

Satisfying snacks

Partner with Astro Foods for your next fundraiser and launch your charitable efforts into the galaxy. Together, we can take satisfying snacks with Astro Foods and turn it into stellar impact, supporting your journey to make a difference.