Freeze dried Snacks that taste, “Out of This World”

Shipping and Stellar Dispatch

Embark on a Cosmic Journey: Good Snacks to Bring to Your Next Party!

At Astro Foods,

we ensure that your intergalactic snack journey begins with a smooth launch.

For personalized shipping rates, please navigate your way through the stars and contact us directly. Chart your course by emailing [email protected] with your postal code, and we’ll calculate the best route to deliver your cosmic cravings right to your airlock.

Please note: At this time, our spacecrafts are only equipped to land within the boundaries of British Columbia. 

Even in the vast expanse of space, we understand the need for peace of mind. If your Astro Foods snacks arrive and haven’t been tampered with, you can send them back through the stars to us. Remember, only sealed, untampered packages qualify for a return journey, and the transport costs must be covered by the purchaser. Upon safe re-entry, we’ll refund the cost of your product, not including the shipping fees, ensuring your exploration of cosmic tastes is risk-free.