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Flavour and Family was born from a blend of necessity and passion during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeking to bridge the income gap, a family dream transformed into a cosmic reality in 2021. Starting from our home kitchen, selling to neighbours and at local farmers’ markets in the Lower Mainland, we’ve now expanded our universe to a commercial kitchen and several retail outposts.

We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for the stellar reception as freeze-dried food manufacturers and the reviews our freeze-dried creations have received. Our mission is simple: to deliver the cosmos of taste in each bite, offering the finest freeze-dried products at a fair price.

About Our Galactic Goodies

What began with a single spark of an idea has expanded into a constellation of culinary delights. Our journey into the world of freeze-dried foods uncovered a galaxy of possibilities, leading to an array of products that promise an “Out of this world” taste experience.

Our snack selection is a universe of its own, featuring everything from health-boosting fruits to indulgent treats that tempt the taste buds. Proudly embracing our roots, we source berries and most tree fruits directly from the fertile soils of British Columbia, ensuring that every bite is a tribute to our local heritage.

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Got questions or need to know more about our cosmic journey? We’re just a message away. Reach out to us at [email protected] and let’s explore the universe of flavours together.

Thank you for your curiosity and support. Join us on this extraordinary voyage through taste and tradition at Astro Foods.