Freeze dried Snacks that taste, “Out of This World”


Freeze-dried fruit make the perfect on-the-go snack. It’s light to carry, has a nice crunch, and is full of flavour.

Enjoy as is or enjoy in your cereal/granola or with yogurt, add to your baking or your pancakes/waffles, or rehydrate the fruit in a bowl of water.

** Store in a cool, dry place. The fruit will absorb any moisture in the air, so store in an air tight container or make sure bag is properly sealed (air tight).  Do not store in regular ziplock bags. For best freshness results, store in air tight jars. Mason jars work well.  If your freeze-dried food isn’t crunchy any more, not to worry, you can still eat it.  It will just have a “dehydrated fruit” type texture to it.


Ingredients: BC Grown Raspberries  *100% fruit, nothing added*


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