Freeze dried Snacks that taste, “Out of This World”

Freeze-dried Lemon Slices

Freeze dried Lemon Slices are definitely Nature’s own sour ‘candy’!   They are very visually appealing and jam-packed with flavour & taste.

Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C and other healthy stuff. Because our Lemon Slices are Freeze-dried and not dehydrated, they retain 97% of their nutrients.

Add them to your baking (makes great lemon loaf), beverages (even if it’s just water), and recipes requiring lemon.  Personally, I am addicted to lemon, ginger, and honey “tea”, which I make using our freeze-dried lemon slices & freeze-dried ginger slices.

Try making real lemonade by powdering some freeze-dried lemon slices with a blender, add about 1-2 tbsp of powder in a tall glass of water and add sweetener of your choice.  Add more deliciousness to your lemonade by adding some of our Freeze dried Strawberries or Freeze dried Raspberries… so delicious & nutritious!


All of our products are small batch processed in Beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada.




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